Success Teams Leader Application

If you have applied and not heard back from us yet, please apply again or send an email to

Phone #:
Where do you plan to run teams?

Note: if you live in Germany, please apply here instead:

Please let us know in which neighborhood in your city you hope to run teams. If your neighborhood doesn't have a name, let us know where it is in terms of either North/South/East/West, or what known area it is near.

Are you located within an hour of New York City?
(A long-term contract prevents accepting applications from anyone within an hour of any borough of New York City)
yes no

If you are near New York City, please describe here exactly where you are located.

Why do you want to become a Success Team Leader?
(This is not a test; we just want to learn more about you!)

How did you learn about Barbara Sher and her work?
(If only from her TEDx talk, please read her book Wishcraft before applying)

Have you ever run any kind of group before?
(Don't worry if the answer is no—the kit is very well designed and takes you through everything step by step)

Will you be able to find some good people to be in your practice team?
(To become a registered leader you'll need to run a "Practice Success Team" of at least 4 people -- in addition to you -- to learn how to use the materials and to experience the feelings of a participant. This team should be free of charge or very inexpensive. You will be a member and go after your goals too. In the audio portion of the kit Barbara will guide the team through the 8 session training. You'll want good people in this team because it's your team and will support your efforts to fill future Success Teams.)

Are you willing to do the marketing and promotion necessary to fill your teams?
(That means running some free Idea Parties and putting announcements in your local newspaper,,, and printing up and regularly posting the flyers that come with the kit.)

Do you agree to run the teams specifically as they are designed?
(Please look over and confirm that you agree to run the teams specifically as they are designed. We need to ask for this confirmation primarily because we've had applicants who wanted to incorporate specific spiritual approaches into the Success Team program, and an important characteristic of Barbara Sher's program is that it is not connected with any religious or spiritual practice and must remain that way.)

yes no

Once we receive your answers, we'll contact you and go from there.