"It is the teams that distinguish this program from the rest. They carry the Success Teams system beyond apparently similar time-managment courses, creativity-training seminars and positive-thinking programs that furnish their participants with all sorts of good ideas and techniques, then turn them loose to struggle on -- and often fall flat on their faces -- alone. The Success Team, Barbara Sher's brainstorm, is everything your family should have been and probably wasn't."

The Chicago Sun Times:
"With the team you've got the kind of machinery that keeps going whether you are on or off...This makes Sher's system different from all the other assertiveness and success seminars floating around practising versions of pop psychology."

"...The Success Teams system offers an individually tailored goal-defining experience that is no more like today's typical, banal career seminar than pink is like scarlet. If we want big things for ourselves but are unsure of what these things are or how to acquire them, Barbara Sher offers answers."

The New York Times:
"...With the team on your side it makes sense to shoot for the big stakes--and in practice it seems to work, judging by talks with members on the teams now operating."

The Boston Phoenix:
"...The Success Teams seminar trains people to set goals for themselves and guides them through the thorny process of achievement. They learn no-nonsense techniques--flow charts, diagrams of time and plans and accountability systems."

New Woman:

"The purpose is also to be a resource bank to each other--a purpose brilliantly demonstrated by the sparks that fly and the connections that click in the seminar as a whole."

The Chicago Reader:
"The most valuable part of the program, the concept that is unique to Sher's system, is the network of helping hands...It's refreshing to see people leading cheers for each other, and that enthusiasm can be infectious."

The Village Voice:
"...a psychic block party. Success Teams work."

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