"The Success Team, Barbara Sher's brainstorm, is everything your
family should have been and probably wasn't."

--Mademoiselle Magazine, 1977

A SUCCESS TEAM is a small, ongoing group, made up of about 6 people like you. The people on your team will help you make your dreams come true. Why? Because you're going to do the same thing for them. Your team will keep you moving until you discover and achieve your dream.

A SUCCESS TEAM usually has 5-6 members who meet every week for 8 consecutive weeks. It will help you figure out what you want, and design a plan of action to get it. It will get you information, contacts and support week after week.

And that's the magic secret. That's why SUCCESS TEAMS work where other systems don't. Wishes and dreams need a lot of friends, because it takes more than desire to make a wish come true. You need ongoing, sustained effort over an extended period of time. You need support and encouragement when times get tough, and you run into the inevitable interruptions, setbacks, and fears that are part of every journey to the top. (You can't find a teacher; somone important cancels an appointment to see you; the bank turns down your loan application...) You'll run into obstacles that seem insurmountable. (Your family doesn't think you should be out earning a pilot's license; you run up against some unforeseen medical bills; you send out 25 manuscripts...and get 25 pink slips in return.)

But you'll meet with your team every week, and they will keep you going. They'll brainstorm new solutions to new problems; they'll introduce you to a cousin who works at NBC; they'll go with you to that important interview, and wait downstairs and buy you a beer when you're through. You'll work on your dream the same way you worked your way through school: by showing up and reporting in. You had certain small assignments you had to complete one at a time; you had the companionship and the encouragement that humans need. That support is what makes the difference between success and failure: not your attitude, your mantra, or your toothpaste; just lots of ongoing help.

6 Success Team Stories:

1) We've been Wishcraft buddies since 1983 and since then have had amazing success in reaching our goals. Over the years we've not only developed a deep and lasting friendship, but Iris has gotten her teaching certificate and is about to get her M.A. I've developed a painting career and met and married the man of my dreams.

We started with a larger group in '82. Each of the 10 women successfully completed their goals: singing in L.A., started travel agency, own a bed & breakfast, started PR firm, get a graduate degree and start a temporary office service.

Now, offshoots of our group exist in Monte Vista, Colorado Springs and Loveland. We just wanted to let you know how important your work has been in our lives. We wish you continued success.


2) I just completed a role in a play called "Octette Bridge Club -- at 60 and was elected president of my church. Teammate VK is in her second year of a master's degree in counseling. JL (The artist/poet) is going to school full time studying music, art, literature (her life's dream she thought she wasn't allowed to have.)

--EP, OR

3) My team: one became a flight attendant, one sold her home and travelled far and wide with a video camera, one became a local food critic and loves eating for free, one broke into local TV, I am doing training workshops for financial indepedence, and another just submitted an article about an influential person and may get it published.

-- AQ, CO

4) I would first like to say thank you for writing your books and sharing your ideas. They have changed my life. Because I know you love success stories, let me share with you one of mine.

About a year ago I had a dream to become a comedy writer and performer, but there was a problem: I was scared to death to do it. Although my family and friends really enjoyed my stuff, I just couldn't find the nerve to go up on stage. After awhile they got sick of listening to me just talking about it and said "what are you -- a wimp?"

At the time, I thought I was, but now I realize I was only being human. What I needed was help: people to listen to my material, to help me narrow down and organize tons of material into a working act, rehearsal, to give supoort and understand of my fear and information on places to perform. Quite frankly, I needed a miracle.

As fate would have it I found a copy of your book in a book store. The stories of people and their problems were something I really related to. I put an ad in a weekly paper looking for a team and found one: Four great people - and they listened and provided the help I needed.

They got me in touch with someone in the area who ran eight week classes on standup comedy. With the graduation being your act in front of an audience. I signed up (with some coaxing) and eight weeks later, with a lot of complaining and a near nervous breakdown I did it!!! I performed a seven minute act in front of an audience of more than 200 people. Guess what? They actually laughed and thought I was funny. After I got off stage, my team was there for hugs and handshakes.

--BS, ME

5) It appears that some of my former Wishcraft buddies will be attending a program by you, so I have asked one of them to pass this letter on to you.

Today I'm living in reality a dream which I selected in one of your Wishcraft exercises. One day I discovered some papers from the early 80's when we lived in Colorado and a small Success Team of women met in my studio to help each other. I was shocked to realize how close the dream is to our present reality.

(Enclosed: article from Las Cruces Sun-News with photo of me in front of my painting in a show.)

-- LSS, NM

6) "Through our success group I was able to start up my own massage therapy practice! I owe you, your book, and you wonderful insights for the opportunity I have had to see that I am capable of doing what I want to do. I have had my own business for nearly 9 months and it is something that I used to think 'WAS ONLY FOR OTHER PEOPLE.' You have been a blessing in my life."

-- SC, CA


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