Lawyers and housekeepers, artists, students and retirees, business owners, farmers, filmmakers and thousands of regular people from every imaginable background use Success Teams, and write me letters about how fantastic they are. Fortune 100 companies and Universities believe in offering Success Teams to their people too.

Here's what they had to say:

"When I book a speaker for The Principal, I always hope they will either inspire, educate, or motivate our employees. You did all three. You gave us valuable insights and practical tools."
- The Principal Financial Group
"Motivational and inspirational...The most innovative and creative techniques..."
"The methods you used opened our eyes and gave us tools to make transitions in our sales force workable. Communication has improved 100%"
-Ortho/Johnson & Johnson
"Your ability to motivate and energize is well known and your presentation on topics related to the changing workforce and work environments set a very upbeat tone for the conference...generated some of the strongest evaluations for any conference speaker..."
-National Association of Job Search Training (NAJST)
"You have captured the essential spirit of career development."
-University of Texas Career Center
"Thank you for your wonderful presentation. As a result of the energy generated that evening, we have seven 'Alumni Success Teams' and the students are putting together twenty undergraduate teams."
-Babson College
"...informative and the insights will bear dividends for years...many useful techniques which will increase our effectiveness..."
-U.S. Department of the Treasury
"Fantastic speaker!"
-Women in Communications, Inc.
"We're still using your excellent techniques."
-Marriott Inc., Wash. D.C.
"Your presentation to Seagate Associates was outstanding. ...It was especially valuable to learn the underlying causes of resistance and how to get people 'unstuck' [which is] so important in outplacement."
-DiResta Communications
"...turned groups of strangers into working Success Teams within hours..."
-Women in Business, Boston MA
"You had us all excited and ready to set the world on fire. You informed us, you motivated us, you entertained us, and we loved you!"
-Sales and Marketing Executives International
"Probably the best one-day seminar we ever attended."
-Success Strategies of Springfield IL
"Everyone left the conference feeling great about the possibilities in her life and the energy to do something about them. What a tremendous ability you have to give people that sense of empowerment."
-National Network of Graduate Business School Women