I was both cursed and blessed with one Really Great Idea in my whole life: people should work together on teams to make their dreams come true. Blessed because I am still excited and enthusiastic about the idea even now, 35 years after I put the idea into book form.

But it's a curse too because I lie awake nights thinking that there are thousands of unhappy people out there who could be living the life they love IF ONLY THEY KNEW HOW TO GET ON A TEAM!

Ever since WISHCRAFT was first published in 1979, I have been barraged by requests for more information, more advice, more tips on how to start and run a SUCCESS TEAM. The mail and the phone messages started piling up, and I just couldn't get to everyone. I wrote TEAMWORKS in 1989 as an attempt to give people more specific information on running teams.

However, many people still had questions that were unanswered in either book, and they were having difficulty making the transition from the a living room full of strangers eager to help them achieve their most cherished life goal.

Then, I came up with the idea of a workbook kit that would give you everything you need to start and run a team, a magical package that would come in the mail and contain exactly what you need to find people to be on your team, workbooks for every member that tell you what to do every step of the way for the first 8 weeks, and even an audio tape of me, encouraging you and giving you easy-to-follow directions. The 8-WEEK SUCCESS TEAMS WORKSHOP KIT was born.

Suddenly my small office in my NYC apartment was piled high with bright red and white notebooks, and UPS boxes. Soon they grew and took up space in the bedroom, crowding into my sons' rooms, and covering the dining room table... We hadn't even done any advertising, but the orders were coming in...and the reviews were gratifyingly positive! People who had been reluctant to recruit members were suddenly putting together multiple teams! And people who were leaving the seminars with stars in their eyes were going home with something they could put into action the next day.

I am happy to say that the entire Success Team kit with all original materials, plus some great new stuff, is now completely online.

Look at it this way: if you buy the 8-WEEK SUCCESS TEAMS WORKSHOP KIT, that's 6 fewer people I'll have to lie awake worrying about at night...